Interview Research

I am in the process of seeking IRB approval to interview plurals about their experiences and identities. Subject to getting this approval, I will recruit plurals to participate in this research. This page provides information about the project to plurals who might be interested in participating. 

Purpose of research and use of data:

The information plurals provide to me--both ideas and direct quotes--will be used in academic research aimed at understanding and explaining plurals and plural identities. The information may also be used in popular media articles. 


The research will take place in two stages. In Stage 1 participants will complete a questionnaire on Qualtrics. The questionnaire will take 1-2 hours to complete. Participants will not be asked to provide identifying information such as legal name or date of birth. 

In Stage 2 participants will be interviewed between 1-4 times. Each interview will take 1-3 hours. Interviews will take place, where possible, over Zoom (with cameras on or off). Participants who are not comfortable with this format may participate in interviews via text-based chatting e.g. gChat. 

Privacy and confidentiality: 

I will not ask for any identifying information, e.g. legal name or date of birth. Any video files made during the interviews will not be stored. Audio files will be stored with encryption. Every attempt will be made to keep participants' data confidential. 


No compensation will be provided, but hopefully the conversations would be satisfying and meaningful to us both and help advance social recognition of plurals and plural identities.  

Participation criteria:

Your biological age must be at least 18. 

You must identify as one of several people or individual psychological beings in your body or brain. 

For the purposes of this project, I am especially interested in plurals of endogenic (natural/sponaneous or created) origin. 


There will be 3 interviews of 1-2 hours long each. Participation is completely voluntary; you may refuse to answer any question you are not comfortable answering, without terminating your participation, and you may also terminate participation at any point in time. 


Sample interview questions:

In the course of our communication, you can expect me to ask you questions like:

When did you realize that you were or when did you come to be plural? What led you to that event?

How do you think you came to be plural?

Have you ever been diagnosed with any major mental illness, and if so, which one/s, and when?

How are you similar and different from your headmates? What is your relationship with your headmates like?

Do you ever feel dissociated from yourself (not from your headmates, but from you yourself)?

Are you “out” to any singlets IRL?

Again, you are free to refuse to answer any question you are not comfortable answering without terminating your participation in this research. You are also free to terminate participation in this research at any time. 

To volunteer or for more information, please use the form below.


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